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Product Range

  • Tubular Level Indicator

  • Magnetic Level Indicator

  • Side Mounted Magnetic Level Indicator

  • Reflex Level Indicator

  • Transparent Level Indicator

  • Welded Pad Type Indicator

  • Float Level Indicator

  • Sight Flow Indicator

  • Acrylic U Tube Manometer

  • U Tube Manometer

  • Single Limb Manometer

  • Top Mounted Level Switch

  • Side Mounted Magnetic Level Switch

  • Mini Level Switch

  • Cable Float Level Switch

  • Double Window Side Glass

  • Float & Board Scale

  • S.S Welded Pad Type Indicator

  • Window Sight Glass Flaper

  • Three way Sight Glass

Tubular Level Indicator

Tubular level indicators detect the level of liquid in the process vessel via direct communication means. These devices mainly find their application in low pressure, non-toxic and non-sticky liquid level measurement applications. Tubular level Indicators are used for reading liquid level in atmospheric or pressurized tank. They are simple in construction and reliable in operation for direct visual verification of level in vented or lightly pressurized tanks. The measuring tube is protected by tie rod. The level gauge are supplied with auto shut off ball check valve to prevent leakage of process fluid in event of breakage of glass tube.

Our Tubular level indicators display accuracy, fail-safe operation, easy operation and low maintenance. They are especially used to measure the level of liquid in process tanks, storage tanks, underground reservoirs etc. Clients from all over the world acknowledge our level indicators as they are user- friendly and highly affordable.

Side Mounted Tubular Level Indicator

Model No. : MI - 01

The "Mayur Instruments" make Tubular Level Indicator(Side Mounted). Our Level Indicators are reliable devices for direct reading the level of liquid. It is a simplest form of level indicator. These level indicators find wide application for level measurement in process tanks, batching tanks / storage / overhead etc.


  • Connection: Flanged ASA 150#/ASA 300#
  • End Fitting: CS/S.S.304/S.S 316/P.P
  • Protective Channel: C.S.Rectangle Channel box With Powder Coated/ S.S.304/S.S 316
  • Glass Tube: Heavy Walled Borosilicate H-19/16 / 22 / 25
  • Packing: TeflonValve: C.S./S.S.304/S.S. 316/P.P.
  • Press Rating: Up to 12 Kg/cm2
  • Temp. Rating: Up to 100ºC to 200ºC
  • Range: 300 to 5000 mm
  • Vacuum: Full
Tubular Level Indicator, Magnetic Level Indicator, Reflex Level Indicator, Transparent Level Indicator, Welded Pad Type Indicator, Float & Board Level Indicators, Sight Flow Indicator , Manometer, Switches, Window Type