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Reflex Level Indicator

Reflex Level Indicators / Reflex Level Gauges function based on the difference in the refractive indices of liquid and vapor. The liquid column is contained within the recess of the liquid chamber behind the sight glass, which is clamped to the gauge body. The sight glass has prismatic right-angled grooves on the side facing the liquid and vapor space. Light rays entering from outside the gauge are either absorbed or reflected depending upon whether they enter the liquid or vapor space. When the ray of light encounters the surface of one of the grooves in the vapor space, it is reflected to the opposite surface of the grooves and from there, totally reflected back to the direction of observation.

We are recognised as one of the eminent manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of first-class range of reflex level indicators in Mumbai, India. We have an experienced team of engineers and professionals who conduct an exhaustive research and develop user-friendly models of switches. Our reflex level indicators display accurate indications, fail-safe operation, easy operation and low maintenance costs in the long run. With reliance of quality and customised solutions, we offer bespoke products at highly affordable rates.

Reflex Level Indicators

Model No. : MI - 005

The Mayur instruments Reflex Level indicators are designed for safe and positive Visa indication of liquid level in vessels under high pressure and temperature conditions.


The Mayur instruments Reflex flat glass Level indicators has precision modular prismatic grooves cut on inner surface, which comes in contad with IbuW. LbM strikir on glass portion covered by Ibuid is refleded (absorbed) making this portion appe, BLACK, whereas glass portion covering vapour space reflects light making appear SILVERY - WHITE. Thus a sharp clear line marks the liquid, eliminatir all possibilities of errors in reading.

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