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Tubular Level Indicator

Tubular level indicators detect the level of liquid in the process vessel via direct communication means...

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Magnetic Level Indicator

Bi-colour magnetic roller are mounted on aluminium channel/SS protected by sturdy aluminium...

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Reflex Level Indicator

Reflex Level Indicator/ Reflex Level Gauge function based on the difference in the refractive indices of liquid and vapor...

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Transparent Level Indicator

Transparent level gauges consist of two transparent glasses which are integrated with the liquid cavities on both sides...

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Welded Pad Type Indicator

Welded pad offer you a direct view of the liquid through flush mounted toughened glass set ready to weld base pad...

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Float & Board Type Level Indicator

The Float & Board Level Indicators are designed for an accurate, reliable & trouble free float operated technique...

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Sight Flow Indicator

We are the paramount manufacturers and suppliers of an excellent range of sight flow indicators...

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U Tube Manometer

The Mayur instruments make U tube Manometer. It is the simplest form of manometer and is use for the purpose...

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Top Mounted Level Switch

Suitable for automatic operation of pumps, give change over contact at predetermined level step-less ...

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Double Window

"Mayur Instruments" make Window Type Sight Flow indicator suitable for transparent slightly opaque ...

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Side Mounted Magnetic Level Switch

"The Side Mounted Magnetic Level Switch is an economical free and reliable device used for high, low and intermediate point level switching. ...

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Single Limb Manometer

Manometer , U Tube Manometer Manufacturers and Exporters"Mayur instruments" make single limb manometerare direct reading manometers for the precision measurement of pressure...

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Welcome To Mayur Instruments

We are glad to introduce ourselves as leading manufacturer of flow and level measuring instruments i.e. level indicators.We are expertized in manufacturing of tubular level indicator, magnetic level indicator, reflex level indicator, transparent level indicator, welded pad type indicators, float and board level indicator, tank level indicator...

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Our Strength

We are one of the prominent leading manufacturers, exporters, suppliers and service providers of a wide range of process instruments like Level Indicator, Tubular Level Indicator, Reflex Level Indicator, Transparent Level Indicator, Magnetic Level Indicator, Float and Board Level Indicator.


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